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Food Forward Pennsylvania is a coalition that unites individuals, organizations, grocers, financing institutions, agriculture and health advocates, producers and community partners to raise awareness about the importance of having access to fresh, healthy food.


The network works together to create a healthier commonwealth by educating policymakers on the impact public policies have on the ability to support communities' health and economic stability through fresh food access initiatives.



Food Forward encourages supporters from across Pennsylvania to use their voices to uplift the need for better access to fresh food. Below are just some of the ways you can engage with the effort.


  • SIGN UP to receive resources and updates

  • SEND ACTION ALERTS to your networks via social media

  • SIGN A PETITION to decision-makers that supports access to fresh food

  • SEND A LETTER of support to your elected officials

  • SHARE YOUR STORY at legislative meetings or issue education days at the Capitol in Harrisburg, or at in-district offices

  • PLAN OR ATTEND a site visit to an area where a healthy food retail location would flourish in your community

  • HOST a town hall, attend community events or participate in online discussions that educate others, create solutions and contribute to the health and well-being of Pennsylvania families



There are clear links between the health and economic vitality of communities and the availability of fresh foods. But too often, in rural and urban communities in Pennsylvania, access to whole grains, lean meats and fresh produce is scarce — and these communities often face a greater risk of chronic diet-related disease and diminished job opportunities. More

tha­n 2 million Pennsylvanians — including more than 500,000 children — live in lower-income areas with limited access to a local grocery store.

Food Forward Pennsylvania seeks to build upon the success of the nation’s first healthy food retail development program, the Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative (FFFI). This groundbreaking initiative provided one-time grants and loans to almost 90 grocery operators and other healthy food retailers in lower-income, underserved communities. Not only did 400,000 Pennsylvanians gain better access to fresh foods, local economies were revitalized with the creation or retention of 5,000 jobs.

FFFI is a proven model that has the potential to impact the more than 2 million Pennsylvanians who deserve adequate food access, improved health benefits and economic stability.


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